OS X – tools I dig on

I am somewhat obsessed with my OS tooling and how everything works and functions. This is my current list of things in which help make me happy, better, and more efficient on OS X.

  • Clip Menu ( clipboard manager ) – http://www.clipmenu.com/
    • This is excellent because it provides you with a nearly endless list of items to copy/paste using a nice shortcut like shift+cmd+v, it also strips formatting and html from strings.


  • iTerm2 ( Terminal replacement ) – http://www.iterm2.com/#/section/home
    • A very configureable tool, I use it primarily for the tabs,  configurability, and hot-key. I use option+` which toggles the display of the most recently active window ( its the lowercase ~ tilde ).


  • zsh & oh my zsh ( bash shell replacement ) – https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh
    • This is a really, really excellent replacement for bash. The tab completion is better, it supports more helpful commands ( ll, and many more ),  has plugins for useful utilities ( git ), and even remembers the options/parameters most recently used on a specific command.  I would recommend installing this even as a novice users as it helps remove some of the learning curve from bash and using the command line. Think of it as an extension of bash and oh my zsh helps pre configure zsh in a user friendly way.


  • Sublime Text  ( text editor and more ) – http://www.sublimetext.com/3
    • Sublime Text is a super awesome, fast, and full featured text editor. I use it to do many tasks from string manipulation to reformatting and indenting html, css, or javascript that am working on. This text editor is very extendable and powerful but some configuration is required.
    • I use a whole slew of plugins starting with Package Control, this plugin provides an easy way to install a variety of great plugins with minimal effort. Once installed you can use a shortcut like cmd+p to install/uninstall/update/remove plugins.


  • TotalFinder – ( finder extension ) – http://totalfinder.binaryage.com
    • This adds many enhancements to finder. Things like tabs, showing folders on top of files, and a cool feature called visor. If you use visor you can toggle the appearance of a finder window on your active screen. I use hotkey alt+tab to toggle display, when I press the hotkey my finder slides in from the bottom of the screen.


  • ShiftIt ( window management ) – https://github.com/fikovnik/ShiftIt
    • This is a widow management tool, I primarily use it to lock a window to one side of a screen then either adjust it where i need it from there or get something else up using the other half of the screen. This tool uses shortcuts or  a tray menu. I use ctrl+option+cmd+arrowKey to move the window in whatever direction the arrow points.


  • Cinch ( window management ) – https://www.irradiatedsoftware.com/cinch/
    • This is another window management tool, I use it to extend ShiftIt by adding “windows 7” style window edge splitting and fullscreen window dragging to OS X. For example if I drag a window to the left side it will move to the left side and have 100% height and 50% width, taking up half the screen.


  • Spotlight – Yes this is a native feature
    • This feature of OS X is excellent it allows you to : search your filesystem, do math, launch programs, and much more. You can find it by the preferred method hotkey cmd+space or by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right of the taskbar.


There is my main list, I use many other little tools but these ones I feel are most useful. Anyone who uses OS X should consider these additions, if you don’t use the command line skip zsh and iTerm2.

Please leave your favorite tools in the comments!